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Bangsar is the forerunner of Kuala Lumpur’s culinary scene, spearheading the latest trend for the most mouth-watering food that people will eventually come to enjoy. Only the best restaurants can survive here given the sophisticated taste buds of diners flocking to this area.

In this listicle, we compiled some of the top eateries offering Western food that continues to draw crowds or create a buzz in town. These places are known for different dishes hailing from the west, such as pizzas, steaks, hamburgers, and French food, as well as English or American breakfast.

I. Yeast Bistronomy

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This establishment on Jalan Telawi 2 is famous for its French dishes infused with an Asian twist. Among the popular delicacies here are their quiche Lorraine, a savoury custard pie with creamy cheese and crisp bacon strips. Another is the mesclun lardons, an egg salad sprinkled with delectable lardings, as well as the velvety saffron risotto with grilled pacific white shrimp.

Interestingly, the restaurant also functions as a terrific bakery. So expect excellent French butter cakes (Madeleines) and macaroons. But the ones that will surely take your palate to heaven are their artisanal bread. These include their top-selling almond croissant and the mouth-watering smoked duck cheese puff that has become the favourites of many KL residents. Moreover, if you’re near the shop after 5pm be sure to drop by as you can purchase these yummy treats at a 30 percent discount!

II. Antipodean Café

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This eatery mainly serves Western food, particularly breakfast fare, although they also offer other kinds of dishes. Diners love their latte with strong coffee and piping hot milk. But the crowd-pleaser is their classic All-day Breakfast that comes with artisanal toast, fluffy scrambled eggs, grilled cherry tomatoes, greens and homemade baked beans, along with a choice of bacon or sausage (pork, chicken or beef).

If you want something that can slake someone suffering from ravenous hunger, try their Big Breakfast. It features scrambled eggs on artisanal toast, homemade hash brown, sautéed mushrooms, plus similar meat options. If you prefer a healthier meal, sample the café’s New Zealand-style corn fritters and crunchy bacon on top of a bed of mint and coriander salad. The breakfast fares are so sought-after that they’re even ordered during special events, like Valentine’s Day.

III. Ril's Steakhouse

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Located on Jalan Telawi 5, this eatery is close to many popular rivals like the two aforementioned places and Killer Gourmet Burgers. But it doesn’t lose out in terms of wonderful food and pleasing aesthetics.

For instance, the baroque-style restaurant exudes an elegant charm with classic and tasteful decorations, including mesmerising chandeliers, making the place ideal for a romantic getaway.

More importantly, the Western food they serve is superb and comes in large portions. Among them is the Sticky Beef Short Rib that is braised in soy sauce and star anise liquid with ginger and mushrooms. Another is the pan-seared Chicken Casserole. They stew a large chicken leg in white wine until it becomes tender, then fry to turn it golden brown and crunchy on the outside.

IV. Killer Gourmet Burgers (KGB)

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In Bangsar, KGB doesn't mean Russia’s spy agency. Instead, it refers to a place that offers finger-lickin' good hamburgers. Their best-seller is the Spiked Diner Burger. Chomp down on this baby and savour the constellation of flavours produced by the juicy seared beef, the sharp cheddar cheese and crunchy beef bacon drizzled with the restaurant’s secret sauce, coupled with toasted fresh buns. It’s so good that you might just produce an audible moan of satisfaction while chewing on this gastronomic delight.

For mushroom lovers, try the Truffled Swiss Mushroom Gourmet Burger. Its succulent beef blends perfectly with portabello mushrooms, Swedish cheese, and aromatic ranch dressing that is further elevated by the truffle essence.

There are also burgers for vegans. Among the most popular is the Bella Bomb. Bite into the orange core, and your teeth will sink into lots of mushroom and cheese that goes well with KGB’s mayo sauce.

V. Entier French Dining

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Situated on Level 41 of the 5-star Alila Bangsar hotel, this establishment is renowned for their authentic French cuisine made with Malaysian produce. For example, they get their greens from Weeds & More, a boutique farm in Cameron Highlands that grows heirloom crops.

The restaurant is also known for tongue-to-tail dining, which makes use of all parts of animals. For instance, their duck head paté’s presentation could frighten you, but the cou de canard (stuffed duck neck) is so yummy and filled with chewy cured duck meat that you’ll easily get over the shock of seeing the severed duck head.

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The restaurant’s desserts also don’t disappoint. There is the decadent dark chocolate soufflé and the hazelnut crème brûlée, which comes with mango sorbet and fresh mango cubes.

VI. Jarrod & Rawlins

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Fondly called J&R, this place along Jalan Bangkung has a stellar reputation for serving authentic full English breakfast, as well as pasta and steaks. But the thing that continuously attracts repeat clients is their breakfast platter comprising runny fried eggs, crisp bacon slices, sautéed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, and their very own toasted bread.

The more opulent version is “The Full Works,” which is touted as among the top breakfast food in Kuala Lumpur. It comes with bacon, sausages, two sunny side up eggs, baked beans, mushrooms, hash browns, grilled tomato and toasts. If you have adventurous taste, you can request the savoury black pudding, which is made from pig’s blood. In addition, you can cook J&R’s meat at home, as their deli sells kebabs and special sausages made from chicken, pork, lamb or beef.

VII. Chez Gaston by rendez-vous

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If you’re on the hunt for a reasonably priced French restaurant in Bangsar, head over to Jalan Bangsar Utama 9. There you can find this eatery that offers traditional French dishes at a fraction of the cost.

For starters, try their Soupe à l’oignon, a chicken stock soup with roasted onions and generous amounts of bacon. Consume it with baked Emmental and baguette. Also sample their Salade de crottin de chèvre, which consists of greens sprinkled with bacon bits and drizzled with vinaigrette. It’s served with a slice of baguette topped with baked goat cheese.

For their main dishes, patrons like their Lapin à la bière or rabbit meat that’s wrapped around with bacon and cooked in a light gravy with Belgian beer. Another popular food is their roasted chicken with goat cheese and Loup de mer au safran, a fried seabass fillet immersed in a creamy saffron sauce.

VIII. Proof Pizza + Wine

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Tucked at the APW Bangsar events place, this restaurant has gained a loyal following for its Italian pizzas made from fresh ingredients and cooked in wood-fired brick ovens.

Among their most beloved pies is their special Umbrian Truffle Pizza, which is topped with plenty of different kinds of mushrooms and smothered in Taleggio cheese and black truffle paste. The yummy mushroom slices pair well with the rich and strong-smelling truffle paste and the gooey cheese.

Another best-selling dish here is the Polpa di Granchio pizza, a quirky pie topped with seafood such as crab claw meat and a fragrant sauce made with pesto, plus lots of tomatoes and cheese.

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(Written by G. Zizan, 28th May 2020)


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