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 A prefabricated construction site of Country Garden in Shenzhen (image source:

Hong Kong based real estate company Country Garden is pioneering the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in property developments.

Chairman of the company Yeung Kwok Keung said the company's pioneering use of AI-powered robots in property management – a rapidly-growing, but a labour-intensive business that has so far been slow in embracing new technologies, has seen Country Garden become an industry leader in both construction quality and community management.

“The use of robotics will allow Country Garden to become an industry leader. We feel it is time to take the industry to the next level, by employing the latest emerging technologies to drive forward sustainable development for the future,” he said.

The announcement on plans to position itself as a diversified technology company that creates lifestyle products for global markets was made following the release of the company's 10th Sustainability Report that discloses its vision, strategy, and practice on future sustainable development.

“The construction industry is one of the few millennia old industries. Our sustainable plan for the future will see us employ the latest technologies across the board to bring this industry up-to-date,” Yeung said.

Country Garden has completed a blueprint to embed AI into its property management, in both customer service and back-office analysis. The company will adopt emerging technologies, such as IoT, Cloud Computing and Edge Computing for the first time across all business segments.

In 2018, the company introduced intelligent robots for its human resources (HR) campus recruitment drive, using an AI-based system to conduct online campus interviews and the HR team was able to save time and resources. In the same year, Country Garden increased the number of streaming Open Days, allowing homeowners to spectate the property development process remotely.

In the report, the company stated that new technologies are vital to productivity, and the potential for smart manufacturing is enormous.

(11 July 2019)


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Whatever methods being used, safety is the no. 1 prioriority

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Welcome to the Era of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

It is foreseeable that many processes of mundane and less value-added with be replaced by the AI robotics. Today, this AI technology has gained attention in China and the US where both places have employed the technology in this 4th wave of industrialization and information age.

Malaysia has yet to embrace and utilize such technology in every aspect of its many still labor intensive, costly and less productive industries. The foreseeable impact will be great in the property development industry and the subsequent secondary property  market. Our government can downsize many of its government branches, personnel, and put up policies to many industries to reduce labor reliance and increase productivity.

Many company in many industries probably will be molecular in its operation where many mundane works can be done with the use of A.I. For instance the banking, finance and insurance industries. In exchange, the human beings in many aspects can be "free" up to to conduct economic activities that require more "human" involvement such as creativity, innovations, cultural development and well being in health.