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Simple and user-friendly tools that can instantly give you an all-in-one overview in just a few clicks. Simplifies property financial calculation easily when you're researching an investment property!

Summary of all features
★ Mortgage loan, entry cost, price/ area & more calculator - (pre/ new launch/ subsale)
★ Debt service ratio (DSR) & eligibility checker - (auto calculate EPF, EIS, SOCSO, EIS, & PCB)
★ Compare loans calculator
★ Mortgage refinancing calculator
★ Valuation fee calculator
★ Legal fees & stamp duty calculator - (buyer/ seller)
★ Real property gain tax (RPGT)
★ Tenancy agreement calculator
★ Balance Release (SPA) calculator
★ Affordability calculator
★ Rental yield (RY) calculator
★ Return on investment (RoI) calculator
★ Cash-on-cash return (CoCR) calculator
★ Share property info
★ Appointment checklist
★ Malaysia's property terms and glossary
★ BR, BLR, and Indicative effective lending rates from Bank Negara Malaysia
★ Reference articles eg:
- understand what should do before buy;
- timeline of purchasing a property;
- incentives for home buyers and more
★ Consolidated a list of property listing websites into a single tap, such as, property,,, and
★ Source references are provided for better understanding and the calculations have also been tested against almost all available mortgage calculators we could find
★ Share result easily with anyone by email, SMS and other social sharing platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc

We'll update the App regularly to serve you better, so it's recommended to turn auto-update ON to stay updated! If you find the App helpful, kindly take a minute to rate us on Play Store. Thank you.

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Location & internet permissions: Only uses the last known location to display appropriate AD (doesn't request location updates proactively) and uses the internet for sharing purposes and fetch information from the server.

Storage permission: For appointment checklist.  


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good to know this

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- overall design revamped, bug fixes, enhanced functionalities, and better performance
- Mortgage: updated with "Investment" perspective
- Compare: updated with more information
- Legal Fees: updated with detail information and you can appoint our dedicated legal firm
- RPGT: bug fix for date
- added Balance Release for SPA (Lawyer's pick)
- Listings: updated to fetch from server
- BR/ BLR: latest from BNM on 12th MAY 2020
- Resources: updated to fetch from server

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downloaded and trying

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how was it? please rate if you think the app is helpful. Thanks