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About Taman Putra Prima


Taman Putra Prima is a relatively new neighbourhood located in Puchong. It is a highly sought-after development due to its prime location and its close proximity to the border of the Petaling and Sepang districts within the high tech zone of the Multimedia Super Corridor. Developed by Plenitude Permai, the entire neighbourhood is hidden deep within Puchong and is rather far away from the Kuala Lumpur city centre.

The developments within the neighbourhood are mostly landed properties in various stages of completion depending on which phase it belongs to. As Taman Putra Permai is still new, it does not have a high occupancy rate yet but there are plans for future development. There are not many facilities in the area save for a playground which is only accessible from certain phases of the neighbourhood as it is fenced off.

However, what the neighbourhood lacks in facilities is made up for in the many amenities that are provided for the residents. The neighbourhood of Taman Putra Permai is not seen as an exclusive area as its target market is mostly the middle income to the upper-middle income group. There is ongoing development with promises of attracting more residents in the near future.

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