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Melaka is a historic state located at the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia. The state is well known for being the location for one of the earliest Malay sultanates, leading to the form of Malaysia today. There are still pieces of history remaining, especially within the town centre. Not to mention, the small state is also a quaint place to live in, that’s partly due to the sub-urban nature of the state.

Culturally, the area has a mixture of all the main races of the country. It also carries a lot of the European descendants as well, due to the colonization of the state that tracks back to almost 500 years ago. There is still a Portuguese settlement in the area, located at the south of the state. Eurasians assimilated into the country still live strong in the area, as are their buildings. The Stadthuys building, Christ Church Melaka, the Dutch Square, are mostly clumped together in the capital of the state, which would mean convenience for locals and tourists to travel down for some recreation.

The state is also well known for its nightlife and travel hotspots, apart from the historic sites, of course. One of its famous landmarks would be the Jonker Walk on Jonker Street, where stalls filled with street snacks are located. Melaka is also known for delicacies such as the chicken rice balls, found within the Jonker area and coconut shakes in Klebang. The eastern side of the state, or the central area also houses a state Zoo. Over on the coastal area, Klebang beach is a famous tourist hotspot.

If 'Vitamin Sea' is not what one is looking for, rather retail therapy, there are a number of souvenir shops within the town centre that can cater to such need, especially for tourists. There is also Mahkota Parade, another of the state’s urban landmark, and the Melaka Mall, which is also close to the AEON Melaka Shopping Centre. Investors can definitely look into the prospect of getting a unit in the state to be converted into a tourist accommodation.

The state can be easily accessed via the North-South Highway (NSE), it’s distance from Kuala Lumpur is only 2 hours thanks to the highway. Natives of Melaka also have the Ayer Keroh Highway to conveniently manouvre around the state.

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