<p>Compass Biocare Series:&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>GETHA’s Biocare electromagnetic shield brings to you a magnetic barrier with nanotechnological yarns for protection against electromagnetic radiation and for a healthier quality sleep. Our daily living condition constantly exposes us to electronic devices and therefore we are more in contact with electromagnetic waves’ harmful effects.&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>- Size: 180cm x 190cm, 150cm x 190cm, 106cm x 190cm, and 90cm x 190cm&nbsp;</p><p>- Price: FROM RM2,800.00&nbsp;</p><p>- Distribution: GETHA's authorized retailers, GETHA Sleep Therapy Centers, and GETHA online shop&nbsp; </p><p class=""><br></p><p>Promotion Details:&nbsp;</p><p class=""><br></p><p>Original Price:&nbsp;</p><p>RM5,688 (180cm x 190cm)&nbsp;</p><p>RM4,288 (150cm x 190cm)&nbsp;</p><p>RM3,200 (106cm x 190cm)&nbsp;</p><p>RM2,800 (90cm x 190cm)&nbsp;</p><p class=""><br></p><p>Promotional Price (10% discount):&nbsp;</p><p>RM5,119.20 (180cm x 190cm)&nbsp;</p><p>RM3,859.20 (150cm x 190cm)&nbsp;</p><p>RM2,880.00 (106cm x 190cm)&nbsp;</p><p>RM2,520.00 (90cm x 190cm)&nbsp;</p><p><br></p><p>&nbsp;* FOC 2 pcs 100%-natural latex pillows </p>


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