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Given the mamoth TRX financial district and the vast amount of boosters, this is an upcoming area waiting to boom. The success of MaluriĀ  Cheras will be 100% dependent on the matunity of TRX. Once TRX is matured with more banks and MNCs moving in, Maluri will slowly transform into the upper working class hotspot to stay. Agreed ?


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this is good information, many thanks

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Problem is Maluri dominant is leasehold and properties there have been many years and such balance lease is max maybe 70 yrs or even lesser for some, so buy with care, do your research

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yes thats right, somemore that are so jam in the location too cloudy, but is good to have very convenient is lrt station, so lucky the people are bought the property since early in year 2007, they are make money

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em.......i don't think so, i know cheras maluri area is blooming up, but however isn't my location, i most on petaling jaya area, so sorry to cheras area.